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General Questions

What are futures contracts?

Futures represent derivative contracts according to which parties agree to exchange an asset for a predefined price at a specific moment in the future. The transaction takes place regardless of what the real market price of the asset will be at that moment.

What are cryptocurrency futures?

Similar to traditional financial markets, crypto futures allow investors to speculate on the future prices of cryptocurrencies. This approach allows diversifying your portfolio without holding the underlying crypto assets.

What are crypto futures?

Crypto futures represent an agreement to trade cryptocurrencies on a specific date in the future at a predefined price. This trading tool allows interacting with digital assets without holding the underlying cryptocurrency.

Such an approach allows prudent investors to diversify their portfolios. This is a risk management tool designed to reduce price fluctuations of those assets that are particularly volatile.

Are crypto futures similar to traditional futures?

From the technical perspective, the approach utilized by crypto futures is pretty similar to the one that is used on traditional markets where investors speculate on the future prices of stocks and commodities. However, new technologies provide investors with a number of solid advantages.

First, crypto futures don’t require any intermediaries such as brokers, futures commission merchants (FCMs), and banks. Blockchain-based derivatives are available on many different exchanges that require paying just a small fee on each transaction.

Also, moving the process online has made it possible to invest in crypto derivatives 24/7 from any part of the world. Traders no longer depend on the brokers’ schedule and can instantly upload and withdraw their funds whenever they want.

Finally, high volatility has made it possible to significantly increase your gains via arbitrage trading while making the whole process much more convenient.

What are perpetual futures?

Perpetual futures unlike usual futures contracts don’t have an expiry date. Investors can bet on the price of an asset to reach a specific benchmark and hold their positions as long as needed without any deadline. Thus, even if the price goes in the opposite direction, you may still keep your funds until the better days come.

The Index Price of perpetual futures is calculated on the basis of the average asset price taken from major spot markets which often makes these numbers very similar. When the market volatility is pretty high, these prices may be different.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a piece of code running on the blockchain which executes specific transactions in a fully automated way once predefined conditions are met. When applied to crypto futures, smart contracts automatically execute the conditions prescribed by the parties and conduct the purchase of a crypto asset at a predefined price. Blockchain makes this process fully transparent, auditable, and tamper-proof.

What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

ROI is a performance measure designed to calculate the profitability of a given investment tool. To calculate it, one must divide the difference between the asset price by the cost of investment. With Fiibot, monthly ROI may vary between 1% and 12% depending on whether you select low, medium, or high-risk strategies.

Why should I invest in Fiibot when I can trade crypto futures myself?

Crypto futures represent quite a risky investment tool. Even experienced traders often lose money when they are engaged with trading derivatives. Standalone investors have to develop their own strategies themselves and carry them out manually. Without full access to historical data, they simply don’t see the full picture and fall short on potential profits.

As we have 10-year trading data at hand and means to analyze it in an automated way, we can make balanced decisions and guarantee stable profits regardless of the current market state. In addition, we rely on High-Frequency Trading technology and make many small bets in milliseconds which allows us to constantly gain small profits.

How are you able to generate high returns?

Fiibot relies on a well-tested low-risk scalping strategy which implies conducting small orders in milliseconds. This reduces the risk and allows ensuring constant income. Also, our automated tools make it possible to arbitrage between different exchanges making profits on the difference of asset prices when the market volatility is particularly high.

Does your platform have limited working hours?

No, Fiibot executes trades 24/7 with no days-off.

What payment options are available on the Fiibot platform?

You can make a deposit in ETH or USDT.

Getting started

What’s the minimum and the maximum deposit I can make on Fiibot?

You can invest any sum between 100 and 500,000 USDT.

When can I withdraw my funds?

After you upload the principal funds to the platform, they will be locked for the first 7 days. However, you will be able to withdraw your earnings at any time. We do this to ensure that our customers have a steady money flow to be able to trade for at least a week.

When can I withdraw my profits?

Fiibot distributes the profits on a daily basis. Investors can withdraw their income on-demand or re-invest it to increase future gains.

How can I start investing with Fiibot?

First, select one of the 3 offered plans that differ in the level of risk and the expected ROI. Create yourself an account by signing up through one of the supported wallets:

- Metamask
- TrustWallet
- Coinbase

Click on each wallet to see a video tutorial on how you can do this.

Alternatively, you can contact our support via Live Chat or Telegram group and arrange a call to help you get started.

What are Fiibot fees?

You get 100% of all the profits generated by our bot as we don’t charge any trading fees. You will only need to pay the network fee which Ethereum requires to execute transactions via the smart contract.


Are my funds secure?

Fiibot relies on the Ethereum-based smart contract that locks investors’ funds and prevents them from being stolen. To interact with the smart contract, you have to link it with your own wallet (Metamask or TrustWallet). Fiibot has no access to your private keys and sends daily profits to the wallet that only you can control.

Why do I have to provide my personal information to start investing?

In most regions, regulators require companies to follow KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures. We require this information because we are fully compliant with local laws.

Our Technology

Smart contract

Blockchain is the key technology that Fiibot relies on. The smart contract built on top of the Ethereum blockchain not only safeguards your funds but also provides our investors with full transparency making it possible to easily audit all transactions regardless of their location.

High-frequency trading

We have invested in powerful equipment to be able to conduct a vast number of orders in record time. Our platform can analyze multiple crypto markets and execute orders in milliseconds, allowing you to maximize your profitability.


Our Algorithmic Machine Learning Protocol is capable of processing big data in real-time. In addition, it analyzes 10-year crypto market historical data which provides us with a full picture and allows making well-balanced investment decisions

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